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Whiplash Injuries.

Throughout the world. Whiplash injuries from motor vehicle accidents have much the same care pathway to eventual outcome: NOT GOOD.

Accident leading to, investigations, treatment, rest, exercise, compensation, more treatment, more rest, Pain control pills, surgery, more Pain control pills followed by perhaps the last resort, hospitalisation to learn Self management techniques.

Or is the last result from the Pain Specialist Consultant; "There is nothing more we can do, you will have to live with the Pain.

Take these pills when you get the Pain and learn to self-manage.

Result: Pain, Pain, and more Pain often helped some by the now learned management techniques, with the conclusion from the rehabilitation teams. “We do not know the cure,” a statement echoed around the world by most if not all professionals specialising in the cause and treatments of Whiplash injuries.

Who many times explain this is the cause of Fibromyalgia or extreme Fatigue.

This last statement could not be further from the truth.

If this statement is true, check it out. Moreover, with all the study's carried out. Starting from People being placed on a sledge and catapulted to a sudden stop. To Patients in long term Chronic Pain and the very least, specialists, removing a section of spine from a Dead Body in pursuit of studying these injuries.

This question should be posed by Researchers and Doctors...

“What after all of our study are we missing, that is as usual so obvious.”

It seems, we as a race of People, since the heady days of Freud and his colleagues at the first serious study of the Mind and its actions. Have developed a wall of silence around the Mind, in that it does not play a part in the Body and its Pains and failure to recover from Accident Injury.

Why is this?

Can it be all of us including our health care professionals have simply missed the plot, or is there something more sinister? Scientific Research Funding, Money or just Kudos?

Let us look at the issues: Whilst we are primarily talking about Whiplash Injuries it is not to difficult to include any Pain or illness that defies many treatments or Scientific logic.

The issue is quite simple. Why is it the Bodies immune system does not Self-Repair in the same manner as a cut?

With a cut, the Body is susceptible to infection, bleeding to death - subject to the severity of the cut - or simply disfigurement.

When the “cut” (metaphor for Pain) is internal, different circumstances prevail.

There is no risk in the same manner of a cut in bleeding, infection or disfigurement; the last part of this statement is not quite true.

The Body in Pain is very capable of disfigurement by destroying joints and muscle tonus allowing the Body to change shape.

Even destroying life, not only for the sufferer by destroying Body organs, but, family and friends by instilling helplessness and the inability to placate the Patient. Not to mention the Doctors, Nurses applying techniques with little or no lasting efficacy?

The Body from the trauma of an incident/accident goes through many phases, coping strategies, avoidance techniques walking carefully, reaching carefully and we must not forget the compensation in perpetuation of whiplash injuries.

Can the thought of compensation really place a sufferer in the position of not allowing his/her natural immune system the ability of repairing the damage?

If this is not the case why is it when the compensation has been received the Pain (Whiplash) still remains.

The Mind in psychological terms seems to play little part in Pain as the gate theory suggests, especially when all of the Mind techniques have been tried: Mindfulness, relaxation, visualisation, bio-feed back and then: steroids, Pain suppressants, even in Amputation with Phantom Limb Pain.

Still the Pain persists. “WHY.”

In all clinical studies, it appears the scientist/research medics follow the same methodology by considering. The illness/Pain is the problem and only look with reduction techniques for the biological cause in a cell that does not look or function normally.

It is right and proper at this time to consider that we as a race of People must continue the search for the true cause of all illness and Pain in whatever way is deemed practical at the time.

The Mind.

First it would be helpful to consider that we as human beings consider ourselves in conscious control, but is this true, or are we merely slaves of our sub-conscious Mind and the Conscious Mind does not in reality exist.

Long ago psychologists proclaimed we only use 15-20% of our Mind, can this really be true when later they proclaimed - if you do not use your mind, you will lose it.

Or is the reality that we as slaves of our sub-conscious Mind only use 15-20% consciously. The remainder being completely used by our Master the sub-conscious Mind that has the ability. To either build add on's to our Brain cells or adjust the compression of existing cells, allowing us to store during our life, everything we see, hear, touch or smell.

With this information, can we now begin to look at why we do not recover from Whiplash injuries?

During the course of our life, many times we are traumatised, some times we know, sometimes we do not, or are unable to face up to the fact and give credence to the Trauma stored in our Mind, that is slowly destroying us.

Thus when we have an incident; it is not an accident at all. It is an event the Master - the sub conscious Mind has created/allowed because it needed a way of telling the world a deep understanding; “something is wrong” is required.

As our treatment regimes do not contain the machinery to give this understanding, the immune system is disabled or restricted - reduced to a fraction of its capabilities, for as long as this understanding is not received.

The education techniques developed by Pain Relief Therapist Peter Smith Talking Cures are very capable of bringing about a resolution of the trauma allowing the immune systems of the Mind and Body to automatically create repair.

Working on the secure understanding the Pain for all concerned is infinitely worse than the trauma or treatment by Talking Cures can ever be.

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