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Peter Smith Talking Cures what did you PHd in?
Peter Smith; what did you research your PHd in?
Dear Kevin.

Thank you for your erudite question regarding  “What did I research my PHd in”?

I am seriously honored.

The answer to your question is most worthy of the effort of a PHd itself.

May we explore a PHd in relation to myself and answer your question as we progress.

What is a PhD?

1.  A PhD is a unique type of degree, involving advanced academic work and attempted by comparatively few students.

Response. If I may uses the term PHd the acquisition of and description of Talking Cures PHd = People Have desires.

2. This means that the qualification can take on something of a mythic status.

Response. One might argue there is nothing more Mythical than Talking Cures - it is as the evidence suggests. Unique.

3. One does not have to discover something incredible?

Response. Again the evidence suggests Talking Cures is beyond Incredible.

3. Does the qualification make you an academic?

Response. I would most sincerely hope not.

4. Are higher research degrees just for People who want to be academics?

Response. Acceptable for those who desire such accolade.

The PhD degree - a simple definition.

5. The term 'PhD' stands for 'Doctor of Philosophy'. In most cases, a PhD.

Response. There is nothing Philosophical about Talking Cures.

6. A PHd is an advanced postgraduate degree involving three or more years of independent research on an original topic.

Response. The evidence is clearly suggesting Talking Cures is an Original Subject that although active Thirty Four years ago is ever evolving.

7. Is carried out with the support of one or more expert academic supervisors.

Response. There are no expert academic supervisors with the necessary qualification to supervise Talking Cures - there is only one Person in the world able to do that. The (every) Person requiring or experiencing Treatment with Talking Cures.

8. A PHd results from a thesis that offers a significant original contribution to knowledge.

Response. The evidence suggest there is no one in the entire history of mankind - has utilised only a Person's Mind via their Own entire Body Chemistry, Immune Systems and Body replication processes to resolve automatically. Mind and Body; often mysterious, as they have no known cause and no known cure - symptoms.

9. Confers the title ‘Doctor’ upon successful candidates.

Response. The evidence emanating from The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine suggest. "Most current Medical Research is of a fraudulent nature." Leaving me to consider - this is not really a club I would wish to put my name too by being awarded the accolade of. "Doctor." For my years of dedication to treating People, with a list of symptoms,  not symptoms who happen to have  Person attached to them.

10. A PHd is the highest academic degree a student can achieve and is considered the de facto entrance qualification for a career in academia.

Response. My desire in life is not to enter Academia but through my efforts - educate others into a New and very painful process for a Person - already having a doctorate.

11. A PhD is a pure research degree. But that does not mean one will just spend three years locked away in a library or laboratory. In fact, the modern PhD is a diverse and varied qualification with many different components.

Response. Based on the Scientifically Proven Fact there are some 7 Billion individual People in the World today - from Talking Cures point of view spending time in a laboratory or a library is a complete waste of time energy and resources; as illness is far too diverse to satisfy any PHd Scientific Inquiry and moreover is changing so fast, no one will ever be able to keep up with the diversity of components presented by any individual Person, ill with many identifiable symptoms - in order to write a book about it.

A Typical PhD normally involves:

12. Carrying out a literature review - a survey of current scholarship in ones chosen field of scientific inquiry.

Response. There is no Literature or scholarships to review for Talking Cures to use as a foundation to improve.

13. Conducting original research and collecting the results.

Response. Talking Cures is the original there is to research one can collect.

14. Producing a thesis that presents the conclusions.

Response. I have been doing this with a degree of earnest at least since 1999, writing unique articles on various illnesses.

15. Writing up a thesis and submitting it as a dissertation.

Response. There is no Institutional Medical Body worthy of submitting a dissertation too.

16. Defending ones thesis in an oral viva voce exam.

Response. I do this with every Person I have ever offered treatment too over the years and if I do not pass their exam - then like so many before them I fail to assist them in resolving the many ever changing presentation of symptoms they have.

17. The beginning of a PhD is all about finding ones feet as a researcher and getting a solid grounding in the current scholarship that relates to your topic.

Response. There is - even in 2017 no current scholarship that relates to this topic. "The Mind creates illness and thus given the correct and timely education has the ability within certain parameters (Not a Magic Bullet) to bring about a cure. Talking Cures must only be seen as in addition to all other treatments never instead of - thus resolving of symptoms is often a collaborative affair; even if the clinician has no knowledge of Talking Cures involvement.

18. Meetings with a supervisor in order to discuss a plan of action.

Response. There are no supervisors with the necessary qualifications to have initial or any meetings with to supervise and discuss a plan of action based on Talking Cures proposal - research or otherwise.

19. The first step in this will almost certainly be carrying out a literature review.

Response. There is no literature to review as every research and thus scientifically Proven Paper on any illness always self destructs by saying. "The cause is not known and there is no known cure or we need to study this more."

20. With the guidance of a supervisor one is able begin surveying and evaluating existing scholarships.

Response. How is it possible for a supervisor to carry out their remit when they have as a background a teaching process that appears more to remove rather than install any desire for real Scientific Inquiry into students, aspiring Doctors and new researchers.

21. This will help situate the research and ensure the work is original.

Response. When one looks around the world and the evidence of outcomes from PHd style created treatments - it is clear from their own written peer reviewed and published papers Talking Cures is unique thus Original as not one of the Papers talks about. "The Human-Animal Mind;" unless of course attempting to gather self estimation or sell something.

22. A literature review will provide a logical jumping off point for the beginning of ones own research and the gathering of results.

Response. When one talks about; "Results," should not one as part of the research - follow up and therefore keep abreast of the results our Dedicated Doctors are getting or Not from the emanating treatments.

23. This could involve designing and implementing experiments, or getting stuck into a pile of primary sources.

Response. It is surely only Philosophical dreaming to consider one can experiment on an individual with illness symptoms and then use another genetically unique Person to evaluate them against. Let alone evaluate illness in a slide or an Animal.

24. One will then submit material from the literature review.

Response. If one were to extrapolate information from the treatment of just Ten ill People all with 100% identical Symptoms - there would not be a computer yet to be created with the mathematical ability to equate; the mass of information and then from the equation, create an individual treatment process for each of them.

25. All being well, once all this is in place one will then be eligible to continue with the required research as a PhD student.

Response. Enough one might be wise to say - point proven. Let us however continue - as though the process to a PHd was within Talking Cures reach or interest.

The second year of a PhD.

26. The second year will probably be when most of core research is carried out.

Response. What is there to research after a year in practice from July 1983 - only to find the only People I ever treat are deemed as Medial Failures; all with many Mind and Body Symptoms and often medications and the only outcome from Medical Proven Treatments is worse or more symptoms. This in itself may not be such a problem; even an asset; if one understands the process.

27. The process for this will vary depending on the chosen field, but the main focus will be on gathering results from experiments, archival research, surveys or other means.

Response. If one considers "archival research" and one is unable to see real satisfactory results - is there truly a value in entering aged negative results into what is indicated as being a New and Unique Science.

28. As the research develops, so will the thesis - or argument to use as a base.

Response. If one changes the words. Thesis or Argument to Abstract or Introduction. I am reminded - never once have I read a scientifically proven paper that does not self destroy in the abstract or introduction, so where is the bases for an - scientific based and reasoned argument.

29. One may even begin writing up chapters or other pieces that will eventually form part of the dissertation.

Response. Accepted and a necessity.

30. However there will still be a requirement for regular meetings with a supervisor.

Response. Assuming of course they are able to keep up with the New Science of Talking Cures and not do as so many have in the past when faced with something they do not understand or it rattles their emotional cage - dismiss it as interesting but of no scientific value.

31. A supervisor will check the progress, provide feedback on the ideas and probably read any drafts produced.

Response. Useful for detecting spelling errors other than of novel but no scientific value.

32. The second year is also an important stage for development as a scholar.

Response. This may well be where the insidious process of removing any bright eyed students natural ability of Scientific Inquiry in favour of the University or Medical School institutionalized standard Mind Blind approach to the evolution of Scientifically Proven Medicine that should cure illness, yet - the evidence suggest it does not.

33. One should by now be well versed in current research and have begun to collect some important data or develop insights of ones own.

Response. Current research and have begun to collect some important data or develop insights of ones own. Appear to be contradictory if ones PHd thesis is meant to be unique.

34. One at this time will be faced with the demanding and time-intensive task of finalizing a dissertation.


Response. May we start by reviewing some things required for a dissertation that may seem obvious:

A. A dissertation is part of the requirements for a PhD. The research, theory, experimentation, et al. also contribute. One does not attempt to capture everything in one's dissertation.

B. The dissertation is a technical work used to document and set forth proof of one's thesis.

C. It is intended for a technical audience and it must be clear and complete, but not necessarily exhaustively comprehensive.

D. Also note -- experimental data, if used, is not the proof -- it is evidence.

E. The proof is presented as analysis and critical presentation.

F. As a general rule, every statement in a dissertation must be common knowledge, supported by citation to technical literature, or else original results proved by the candidate.

G. Each of those statements must directly relate to the proof of the thesis or else they are not needed.

H. The dissertation is not the thesis.

I. One's thesis is a claim -- a hypothesis.

J. The dissertation describes, in detail, how one proves the hypothesis - or, rarely, disproves the claim and shows other important results.

K. Let us revisit the idea of the thesis itself. It is a hypothesis, a conjecture, a theorem. The dissertation is a formal, stylized document used to argue the thesis.

L. The thesis must be significant, original - no one has yet demonstrated it to be true and it must extend the state of scientific knowledge.

M. So, this part of obtaining a PhD is a perfect time to think about presenting at academic conferences, gaining teaching experience or perhaps even selecting some material for publication in an academic journal.

Conclusion to Dissertation.

Is there not sufficient evidence in this section to demonstrate the Student being institutionalized by Universities and Medical Schools by creating a confusion that has no answers as demonstrated by Items D, G, I, J, K and L.

The third year of a PhD.

35. The third year of a PhD is sometimes referred to as the writing up phase.

Response. When one considers there are approximately 100,000 illness recognised and diagnosed in the world and not one of them has the cause known nor has a definitive cure - should one not suggest an 80,000 Thesis or Dissertation is little more than saying hello in a note. 

36. Traditionally, this is the final part of the doctorate, during which the main task will be pulling together the results and honing the thesis into a dissertation.

Response. If by now one has chosen a subject or a specific illness to major in - should one not include in ones dissertation. "This PHd application is not to be considered an explanation of an illness" this is contained within the research relied on in studying for a PHd which should be considered a full and satisfactory explanation of the true cause of an illness and offer at least the possibility of how a treatment could work towards a cure. If not this dissertation is leaving one to suggest it is little more than an abstract of a Scientific Paper to come.

37. In reality, it is not always as simple as that.

Response. It is not uncommon for final year PhD students to still be fine-tuning experiments, collecting results or chasing up a few extra sources.

38. This is particularly likely by spending part of the second year mainly by focusing on professional development.

Response. In fact, some students actually take all or part of a fourth year to finalize their dissertation.

39. Whether one is able to do this will depend on the terms of enrollment – and perhaps the PhD funding.

Response. Leaving one to consider if this is the guiding protocol - can a PHd ever demonstrate a secure understanding of any illness if one is always controlled by the Orders of PHd Fund provider.

40. Eventually though, one is  going to be faced with writing up the thesis and submitting the dissertation.

Response. How would one know if the Supervisor all the time of the PHd project was not following orders from the fund holder to ensure the outcome of any given project is as the fund provider desired.

41. A supervisor will be very involved in this process.

Response. Leaving one to question - is the student really creating the foundation of satisfying with any dissertation a review board; or are they all order followers and have no idea of the real process.

42. They will read through the final draft and advise when they think the PhD is ready for submission.

Response. If a student created the work of the dissertation apart from perhaps the professional layout which should have been included in Part One of the PHd course - what is the motive behind a supervisor giving final approval for the dissertation submission.

43. All that’s left then is the final viva voce oral exam.

Response. Are we really to believe such an career making achievement comes down to a decision following an oral exam.   

44. This is a formal discussion and defense of the thesis involving at least one internal and external examiner.

Response. Are we really to believe such an career making achievement comes down to a decision of just two People.

46. It is normally the only assessment procedure for a PhD. Once passed, it is over and done with!

Peter Smith Talking Cures - PHd?

We started with the question of what did I study for my PHd in - the process of an answer should include scientific inquiry if it is to be worthy of its intention of answer the question. 

May we review a few pointers as to what a PHd is reported to be:

1. A PhD is a unique type of degree, involving advanced academic work and attempted by comparatively few students.

2. This means that the qualification can take on something of a mythic status.

3. One does not have to discover something incredible?

4. Does the qualification make you an academic?

Peter Smith.

1. One has to accept in this situation we are only discussing Medical illness Issues and as PHd status is attempted by comparatively few students and one does not have to discover something incredible - why is it reputed to have mythic status.

2. Let us remove any doubt of the mythic status of Talking Cures and myself.

3. Myself. I left school at Fifteen with no school academic qualification nor from other educational bodies.

4. For much of my early life; I was in business and from a reputation point of view was reasonably successful although being financial acquisition driven; was never my reason for being.

5. As far back as 1967 there was a clue to my future - although it was to be many years before I understood the reason for my earlier action.

6. A customer I was visiting; as I entered her room she froze. I enquired. "What is wrong;" with me she replied. "Nothing." "With me" I asked. She replied Yes; are you aware you are a very powerful Psychic Medium.

7. Somewhat stunned as no one has ever given me credit for anything in my life I replied. "No I am not;" she followed with an invitation for her to teach me to use these hidden skills.

8. This time having gathered my self I replied - yet not knowing from where the information came from. "Thank you but no; I must keep myself free, yet I do not know - why or what for." Later I was to find out it was Talking Cures I had to be free to pursue.

9. At this time following the lack of success of conventional treatments and fee paid complimentary treatments. I made a vow never to take funding from any source or for any other reason - than from a fee paying Patient.

10. Thus All study and the creation of Talking Cures has ben fully funded by myself.      

11. In 1982 following a number of years of being to ill to be myself and a number of conventional and compliment treatment approaches for my numerous symptoms. I attended a course to learn to be a Hypnotherapist, although I was unaware at the time all my learning was aimed at gaining treatment if only by the back door. 

12. During 1996/7 in pursuit of enhancing my Biological Knowledge I undertook a Return to study Academic Course in Human Biology and Human Social Sciense. Eventually obtaining a C Grade Pass. My only academic qualification.

 Talking Cures.

1. As of mid 2017 Talking Cures has no Institutional Academic qualifications, nor peer reviewed or recognised leading medical journal publication status.  In order to gain such status it appears one has to pay a fee to the journal - thereby minimising the true worth of the papers content.  

2. Moreover none has ever been sought - the reason behind this it appears to be suggested by there are 100,000 Medical Sciense recognised and diagnosed illness in the world and not one of them is the cause truly known and none of todays date have a definitive cure.

3. A life time of medications or symptoms managed by: medications, diet, exercise  or enforced rest is not to be considered a cure.

Peter Smith Talking Cures.

1. From the best information as a non University Academic I can gather - to pass the PHd course on a chosen or given subject of an illness; although one may split any illness into numerous components, one has to submit a Thesis/Dissertation not exceeding 80.000 words.

2. However as there are some 100,000 illness and as of yet the Mind and its involvement in illness has not been explored to create a PHd course. Surely this would mean from a Biological point of view only there would be a requirement of 100,000 PHd Student involvement. Or Three Hundred Thousand years of Study. 

3. Perhaps this is the reason why so few students travers this pathway.

4. All of this leave me wondering - where it leads in pursuit of answering Kevin's question - the truth is I do not have a Degree let alone a PHd Doctorate to support or as a reward for the study thesis and dissertations I have written over the years.

5. These number over 100 pages or around a million words (this past 3 years) and almost all of them has a foundation of The very best Medial Science a PHd is meant to demonstrate validity of.

6. All of them self funded with no supervision subversively telling me what I can and what I cannot say and indeed supplying answers to many question as yet not scientifically answered or answers seeking question on may illness with no known cause and no known cure.

7. Now we have to stand back take a breath and examine this - for non of it is Scientifically Proven - not that should be too much of a concern as the evidence clearly demonstrate.

8. Each Paper - now a web Page is free to use for; education or Patient lead reasons and does not have any form of subversive or electronic email harvesting for selling or sign up for membership.

9. Now if that does not equate to a PHD if only a Person Has desires - for well health - I am not sure what in reality - does or ever will. 

Supervision and Submission.

1. The reality must be there are just two People with the intrinsic knowledge of Talking Cures - itself a tool of education rather than just a therapeutic application.

2. First is Peter Smith - although the creator of Talking Cures as the title demonstrates does not ever rely on the use of Hypnosis; could not possibly have been achieved without Mr Steven Quinn. Now near Thirty Five years later still unsurpassed as educator in the use of Hypnotherapeutic tools, techniques and understandings. And so many more Health Care Innovators over many thousands of years who have studied and mapped to exhaustion the Human Body including the Brain - yet still have not been able to establish secure understandings as to the cause of illness and any cures.

3. Second. Any Person of the Seven Billion on the Planet Earth receiving Talking Cures education Treatments  - depending on the length of treatment duration, becomes quite or very  knowledgeable into the workings of Talking Cures thus would bear a Supervisory testament to the efficacy of the application process.


1. There is no Patient documentation and never will be to demonstrate the efficacy of Talking Cures - to this there are two reasons...

A. Confidentiality - a Patients pathway to well health is far too personal to ever be put into words as the content would be individual to them alone.

B. Each Person - even if Identical twins suffer the identical symptoms; each would have their own interpretation of what may well be the same cause, thus would be of no value to anyone ill with the same symptoms.

2. Thus, it can an must remain only an explanation not ever Scientific Proof by using the techniques of Talking Cures.

3. Many People suffering many previously treated symptoms with many more laying dormant waiting the seedbed for maturation - this being - inappropriate treatments, often referred to as side-effects of medications or return of symptoms having been in remission for some time.

4. Using only their Mind via the Brain - only an organ of the body with no special abilities other than to distribute chemical messages-information to every cell in the body that must at all times work in perfect harmony for well health.

5. The entire Body Chemistry all at the same time - no one chemical is ever responsible for ill health.

6. The immune systems...

A. The Mind has its own immune system.

B. The body immune system within the Blood system and the Body replication process as required on instructions from the working copy of the Genetic Structure of the Body as distinct from the use once Construction Genes.

7. Thus using this process over the years whilst it cannot be proven - many still today symptoms mysterious as to origin with no known cure; have been resolved by the Person themselves. Thus all and any credit must go to them.

8. One must accept Names of illness are only to relieve the Anxiety of the attending family and clinicians never ever the long suffering Person, thus to use such a list as below - is only for simplicity of presentation.

9. Amongst this symptom list although not exhaustive are: Asthma. Headaches of many types. Nasal sores. Tiredness. Fatigue. Skin disorders. Sleeping concerns. Pains of many parts of the body. Gum disorders. Emotional concerns. Depression. Diabetes. Bi-polar disorder. Feminine Concerns. Sensual and Sexual dysfunction. Anxiety. Bowel and Bladder disorders. Epilepsy. Eyesight - still a work in progress (July 2017) showing signs of success. Breast Cancer post surgery; surgeon stated. "Your Cancer was the worst type of Cancer there is." Patient (then 66 Years of age) had multiple other symptoms including: IBS, Fatigue, Anxiety, Sleeplessness and although never being a smoker and alcohol consumer; a lifetime of ever changing symptoms. Today she is in extremely good (perhaps 85%) yet not yet perfect health, always with good emotionally stability and enjoying her life with no prescribed medications. 

10. The world relating to the Human Body relies and indeed must do so on the Scientific Evidence as indeed does Talking Cures thus from the absence of any real secure tangible Scientific Proof for any illness so far recognised.

11. Therefore it must be said; Talking Cures is the first and only treatment/education process that uses only a Person's Mind and never any form of management techniques in order to resolve the many ever changing Mind and Body Symptoms a Person could present on sometimes a minute by minute bases let alone day to day that always as designed mystifies any clinician that does not, cannot or will not. Understand. 

12. The symptoms are only an expression and of no value in treatment of a Person at all.

Peter smith Talking Cures mythical PhD submission.


Is a body of work in pursuit of an academic status - a Doctorate that will act as a Unique Selling Point for the rest of a Person's career; often derived over a three year period as a collective from the many past scientific papers that have never once proven to be successful in their outcome - expressed in a new; therefore unique way, in an 80,000 word essay.

A real PhD.

Is a body of work derived from the past inability of many forbears to know the true cause of any illness that as yet has not been able to demonstrate any cures. Created over a period of over Thirty Four years and is tantamount to a Magnum Opus of such magnitude as to be deserved of the highest honors possible.

Talking Cures...

Is a Magnum Opus and ever improving education process/body of work - that is a Unique Therapeutic application with the ability of working with a Person with a multitude of Mind and Body symptoms - that are ever changing and along with often a long list of medication; sufficient enough to sink a battle ship.

Often, where the Person through many reasons including many medical promises - make it easier to take the food from the mouth of a great White Shark; than give up their lifetime of protection, illness affords. 

And from the new presentation of symptoms including incorporating dormant yet highly active symptoms - continue treatment in a seamless fashion; always working towards the ultimate cure, whilst making no promises, that will not by the Mind be allowed to be kept.  

During the past Thirty Four years never once; nor in history, have I observed from Medical Science or any of the complimentary fields of medicine of the existence of a Therapeutic Regime that only uses the Mind - never any form of Symptom Management, is able to offer an educational style Treatment and work with every presenting symptom using a single treatment regime where the immune system response is fully automatic.

There is my presentation of a Thesis and Dissertation for Talking Cures Mythical PhD Doctorate.

Question. 1. Where does all of Talking Cues findings stand against a Masters Degree?

Answer. 1...

A. May we first accept I could never qualify for a Master Degree as I have no pre qualifications, let alone a University Degree.

B. Let us review a Masters Degree in Medicine and of any Discipline.

Master's Degree.

A. A Master's Degree from Latin magister is a second-cycle academic degree awarded by universities or colleges upon completion of a course of study demonstrating Mastery or a high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice.

B. Within the area studied, master's graduates are expected to possess advanced knowledge of a specialized body of theoretical and applied topics; high order skills in analysis, critical evaluation, or professional application and the ability to solve complex problems, think rigorously and independently.

C. Originally it appears - the only Master's Degree was the MA and this was normally awarded without any further study or examination.

D. It was stated - the most important Master's Degree introduced in the 19th century was the Master of Science - MSc in the UK.

E. It was said. "The Cambridge M.A. does not pretend to be a reward of learning.

F. The Oxbridge MA, awarded without additional work.

G. This specified learning outcomes for M-level - Master's Degrees and advised that the title. "Master," should only be used for qualifications that met those learning outcomes in full. 

H. Research Master's Degrees are primarily research based, although may contain taught elements, particularly on research methods.

I. Care should be taken not to confuse the Master by Research, which is a research degree in a specific subject.

J. Professional Master's Degrees may be structured like research master's and may concentrate on a specific discipline.

K. There are a range of pathways to the degree, with entry based on evidence of a capacity to undertake higher degree studies in the proposed field.

L. A dissertation may or may not be required, depending on the program.

M. In general, the structure and duration of a program of study leading to a Master's Degree will differ by university.

N. In the UK, postgraduate Master's Degrees may be either; "research," or "taught," with taught degrees being further subdivided into; "specialist or advanced study," or "professional or practice."

O. Taught degrees - of both forms typically take a full calendar year, although some may be completed within an academic year, while research degrees often take either a full calendar year or two academic years.

Conclusion... May we reassess items A>O above...

A. Upon completion of a course of study demonstrating Mastery or a high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice.

B. One is expected to possess advanced knowledge of a specialized body of theoretical and applied topics and the ability to solve complex problems by thinking rigorously and independently.

C. Following this period normally a Masters Degree is awarded without any further study or examination.

D. One must Recognise. "Master," should only be used for qualifications that met those learning outcomes in full.

E. As it was a research degree in a specific subject. Professional Master's Degrees may concentrate on a specific discipline. A dissertation may or may not be required.

F. Master's Degrees may be either; "research," or "taught,"  subdivided into; "specialist or advanced study," or "professional or practice."

G. Taught degrees - of both forms typically take a full calendar year.


1. It is clear in reading this assessment of the acquisition and rewarding of a Master's Degree represents little more than a trip to the sweet shop and on reading the pretty labels - choosing a packet of sweets of ones choice.

2. Or the sub conscious Mind desire - to continue with education as the outside world is too frightening.

3. Confirmed by: An extension to a apprentice study course that only produces evidence of the willingness to study not evidence of outcome - if ones thesis or dissertation is only on one subject; where still the cause is unknown for the illness researched and studied, no more than an effective long-term treatment or cure created.


A. Professor - commonly abbreviated as Prof. is an academic rank at universities and other post-secondary education and research institutions in most countries.

B. Literally, professor derives from Latin as a; "Person who Professes" being usually an expert in arts or sciences, a teacher of the highest rank.

C. In much of the world, the unqualified word "Professor," is used formally to indicate the highest academic rank, informally known as. "Full Professor."

D. In some countries, the word Professor is only used in this sense, whereas in other countries, the word Professor is also used in titles of lower ranks such as Associate Professor and Assistant Professor.

E. Professors conduct original research and commonly teach undergraduate, graduate, or professional courses in their fields of expertise.

F. In universities with graduate schools, Professors may mentor and supervise graduate students conducting research for a thesis or dissertation.

G. Professors typically hold a Ph.D., another doctorate or a different terminal degree.

H. Some professors hold a Master's Degree or a Professional Degree, such as an M.D., as their highest degree.


Research Professor.

A. In a number of countries, the title "Research Professor," refers to a Professor who is exclusively or mainly engaged in research and who has few or no teaching obligations.

B. For example, the title is used in this sense in the United Kingdom - where it is known as Research Professor at some universities and Professorial Research Fellow at some other institutions and in northern Europe.

C. Research Professor is usually the most senior rank of a research-focused career pathway in those countries and regarded as equal to the ordinary full Professor rank.

D. Most often they are permanent employees and the position is often held by particularly distinguished scholars; thus the position is often seen as more prestigious than an ordinary full Professorship.

E. The title is used in a somewhat similar sense in the United States, with the exception that Research Professors in the United States are often not permanent employees and often must fund their salary from external sources, which is usually not the case elsewhere.

F. Whilst is must be recognised - all of our medical personal at all levels of education are doing the very best they are able; is it not fair to suggest, as the Evidence Base, be that Scientific or just in the international media. Clearly demonstrate - there is something seriously wrong with the education system of Schools, Universities and Medical Schools if they are creating; from Bright Eyed Students, highly educated People that are too Mind Blind to be able too see...

G. All of their Masters and Professors degrees do not amount to very much if there are no definitive cure for any illness.

H. Therefore from the Magnum Opus - large and ever growing body of work of Talking Cures and the technical therapeutic knowledge and understandings used by Peter Smith I am delighted I have no formal Medical Qualification that would erase my Scientific Inquiry and in so doing mould me into a Professor of what. 

Question 1. Should we not to complete the  required to answer the question with a demonstration the question relating to your having a PhD and in which doctrine has been takes seriously and the fullest scientific inquiry has been applied?

Answer. 1. Yes of course - there is only one are we have not fully covered and that is of a Fellowship...


1. Fellowship - FHEA brings a range of benefits:

2. Consolidates personal development and evidence of professional practice in one chosen higher education career.

3. Demonstrates commitment to teaching, learning and the student experience, through engagement in a practical process that encourages research, reflection and development.

4. Fellowship is increasingly sought by employers across the higher education sector as a condition of appointment and promotion.

5. For individuals, to identify their expertise with the entitlement to use post-nominal letters – FHEA.

6. The right to be recognised and valued by a growing number of international institutions.

7.  The roles and experience for which People applying for Fellowship typically have are identified below:

A. In the early stages of an academic career or in an academic-related or support role holding substantive teaching and learning responsibilities.

B. An experienced academic relatively new to higher education a member of staff with - sometimes with significant teaching-only responsibilities including, for example, within work-based settings.

C. Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy is awarded to professionals who can demonstrate they meet the criteria of Descriptor 2 (D2) of the UK Professional Standards Framework - UKPSF for teaching and supporting learning in higher education.

D. By applying to be a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy individuals are able to engage with a broad understanding of effective approaches to learning and teaching support as a key contribution to high quality student learning and demonstrate:

E. Successful engagement across all Areas of Activity.

F. Appropriate knowledge and understanding across all aspects of Core Knowledge; a commitment to all the Professional Values.

G. Successful engagement in appropriate teaching practices related to the Areas of Activity.

H. Successful incorporation of subject and pedagogic research and/or scholarship within the above activities, as part of an integrated approach to academic practice.

I. Successful engagement in continuing professional development in relation to teaching, learning, assessment and where appropriate, related professional practices.


1. In my early life I was a perfectionist - later I was to work out this was only a way of relieving an Anxiety I could not relieve in any other manner - there is most serious possibility; my lack of formal or academic education is attributed to this process.

2. As a Multi ever changing symptom presentation Person education therapist - one would possibly suggest. I am still a perfectionist.  I would prefer to confirm; given a task as this - I will be as thorough as can be with my scientific inquiry and use all of my Talking Cures education to ensure the question posed to me has been satisfactorily answered. 

3. As regards being accepted as a Fellow whilst I could not aspire to the requirements necessary - there a some and more I am able to...

4. When a Person approaches Talking Cures for Understanding of their multiple ever changing and often mysterious as to their cause symptoms...

5. Following making a list of the symptoms in the Persons own words - not medical names or speak. In my Mind; I make an assessment as to whether the symptom list can be resolved using the Persons own immune systems and body chemistry.

6. There are times when a set aside has to be made. "We do not know what can be done with this/these symptoms - however that must not stop us working towards resolving them.

7. From this point on everything is Patiently worked towards using Talking as the only therapeutic application - no management and Talking Cures investigate techniques; to guide the Person carefully to locate and through a thorough educating process; resolve, automatically the many symptoms.  

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Peter Smith Talking Cures.                      

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