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In contrast to other terms for legally operative language, the term disclaimer usually implies situations that involve some level of uncertainty, waiver, or risk.

In order to fulfil a duty of care owed to prevent unreasonable risk of harm or injury. Talking Cures disclaimer is intended to limit exposure to further damage after harm or injury has already been suffered.

Therefore; it is helpful to recognise if a Person decides Talking Cures may be of assistance in their Health Care they are entering into an agreement where working as a Team - the intention is to; either return the Person to a life of Health of Mind and Body comfort.

Within this process - create as a Fundamental Right not a Gift. Well-Health for perhaps the first time in their life - thus no one is right and no one is wrong and there are in reality no problems only solutions.


Much of the content of this site is dedicated to my original tutor in the world of Hypnotherapy Mr. Steven Quinn and the Medical profession.

Without the former- still today in the year 2017, the best Hypnotherapy techniques there are… I would not have had the tools to use the latter - Medical Treatments lack of success to create the innovative thinking needed to develop Talking Cures new educational techniques and understandings of Pain/Illness/Fatigue that have not as desired, responded to many other treatments.

One must take in to consideration, whilst the views contained within this site are my own, they are derived from a lifetime of input into my Mind by significant People, some positive some negative.

If the negative ones had been as fortunate to have the same way of thinking as I had. They would have known better. However, they did not, therefore are considered responsible and not in any way guilty for the destruction of much of my life and the way my Mind has worked and my Body felt.

If the positive one's were the same, perhaps they would also have seen the obvious.

The response to the actions of these People - before I was Twenty-One, forced my Mind to think differently to others and often see what is, missing and so often - the obvious.

In reading, the information contained on all pages please take into consideration a number of facts:

I only became a Complementary Practitioner-Health Care Educator as a result of the lack of success in treating my presenting symptoms, by: Doctors, Consultants and Complementary Practitioners - Acupuncture and Hypnosis.

Did my Mind really give them the proper opportunity?

Leading up to and starting my education, first in Hypnosis as a Hypnotherapist and following that time, through to the techniques and understandings developed and used today as...

...Talking Cures Education Treatment. 

My education is and always will be, ongoing.

Not at any time have I felt the medics whatever the modality failed me, without doubt they were doing the best they could with the techniques and understandings they had at their disposal at the time.

Today in the year 2017, whilst our Medical staff are doing the best they can with the latest Scientifically proven treatments they are unable to see the best is so often, not as they truly desire.

Whilst today I have a vast knowledge of the medical worlds view of illness - having been to many medical training sessions, there is no illusion on my part that in the scheme of things compared to our Dedicated Doctors knowledge; “I Know? nothing.”

My desire in attending many medical training presentations is to see what is often so obvious, yet leads our specialists to say; so often within their presentations or writings to...

“...We do not know the cause or have a cure.”

Whether we accept illness is a creation of the Mind or not, any symptom within the Body allows us to see, the Body is the part of us that shows the world, a Person is suffering.

Always it my intention even if there is no Doctor/Specialist/Therapist contact, to work with all specialists that may be giving treatment to my now  Patient.

By never interfering with their Prescriptions or Treatments, more importantly working in an educating way to ensure their Patient is more able to allow the treatments offered by their Doctor, to do the job as designed. 

Working on the premise “it does not matter who gets the credit for the cure.”

The only and real concern is the Patient gets well.

The Persons Mind or Clinician will sort out for me what is beneficial and cease/adjust accordingly - inappropriate treatments or redundant drug applications.

All information contained on this web site is intended as an educational guide to a different understanding and way of looking at the discomfort of Mind and Body we humans suffer.

None of the information on this web site is intended to hurt further any Person in the same position I have been, who has not found the understanding and subsequent successful treatment to bring about an ability to live their life comfortably, nor any Person within the sufferers of ill health healthcare pathway. If it does then I am truly sorry.

However I make no apologies for the information contained within, as it is not only what I truly believe, it is also based on experience over many years as a Complementary Therapist giving treatment to others, after the most brilliant of minds in the medical and complementary field have not achieved the desired success.

By bringing about an understanding through better education for the Person suffering as to how they become ill and have not automatically become well - bringing with it a resolution of their dis-ease.

Working with the belief...

"Illness is a creation - Process of the Mind"

and therefore at and as a result of illness creation.

"An advantage not a disadvantage."

We as Humans as much as we like to think we are consciously in control, are not in the least.

It is our Subconscious Mind in control, always protecting us from the same traumas happening again.

Even if hand on heart we can say; “We have never been traumatised.”

In my lifetime I sincerely hope Science and Medicine will put aside the mistake Rene Descartes (circa1650) made when he separated the Mind and Body and accept they are both equally important to each other's existence.

Yet without the Mind; the Body is not much more than a piece of Meat.

My life and practice are aided by many philosophies, for which I sincerely thank the copyright owners; Even if I am unaware of their existence.

Never must these treatments or understandings be considered an island.

Applying and working with any and every other type of treatment and drugs, thus true trust can be achieved and maintained allowing full understanding and therefore giving an expected outcome.

It can for the Patient, whilst the treatment automatically works be emotionally and physically hard work.

However; never harder or longer lasting than Pain, Illness's or Fatigue that last sometimes for many decades or most of our life. Never lets up and so often takes our life away from us and our loved ones, when we least expect or desire it to do so.



You are invited to telephone 01702 603030 or call via Skype (please email for an invitation) Talking.Cures for a free initial consultation to decide if you are eligible for this educating manner of Talking Cures. 

Treatments can and are applied, following a consultation and the creation of a list of presenting symptoms in the Persons own words - not medical speak or diagnoses - from this list, an educational style treatment regime is created.

Never must promises be made as to the perceived outcome by the therapist. Predicting the future, "we will cure your illness," is for fools, because the Subconscious Mind - our Master - will always prove you/us wrong.

Please do not waste your time or mine trying to tell me Pain or Illness is only within the Body and not a Process of the Mind.

This site is dedicated to understanding Pain, Illness and Automatically from within - cure in a different way to past understandings and NOT the collection of benefits or confirmation of Insurance Claims.

However your comments in advancing the understanding of illness as a process of the Mind will be most welcome.

If you would care to submit a paper I would happily publish it on this site with the appropriate copyright confirmed as original, given to the author.

Peter Smith Talking Cures asserts the right to be recognised as author and Intellectual

 ©Copyright holder of his contribution to this document Dated 6th February 2011.

Updated 11th January 2017.

Talking Cures is a Twenty First Century Medicine... to treat multiple symptoms of Mind and Body in a Person.

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Criticisms and comments however harsh are welcomed and warmly responded too and seen as an accolade far greater than a United Kingdom Knighthood or Noble Prize.

Please feel invited to mail with questions or comments about this web site

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