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1.   Talking Cure vs Talking Cures.

2.   Pending review by an: Editor group owner or moderator
3.   How Does the Mind create Cancer in the Body?
4.   Conversation Re: “Clean up the Opioid Mess.”
5.    Has the Mind a Spiritual Aspect.
6.    Placebo Plus Usual Treatment Achieves Clinically Significant Back Pain Relief.
7.    Morbid Obesity Explored Explained Understood
8.    Addiction  Recovery Abstinence
9.    Sleep Apnea Diagnosed-immediately after Heart-attack
10.  Chronic Pain poorly understood combined Management Medication.
11.  Does Neuroscience really have the answers for better sleep?
12.  Fibromyalgia Mystery Solved! Main Source of Pain is in Blood Vessels
13.  Is There a Connection Between Obesity and Migraine?
14.  Pain - Understanding has never been fixed - therefore is not broken.
15.  True Intelligence when the tough stop & real tough get going
16.  How Doctors support Patients
17.  More or the so called War on Opioids.
18.  The risk of developing an opioid use disorder.
19.  Can Light Heal Pain
20.  Placebo Usual Treatment Achieves Clinically Significant Back Pain Relief
21.  “Touch is the most potent of sensations. For the warmth of your hand,
22.  Doctor I hurt so many places you could not imagine - yet are unable to Cure me - why?
23.  Pain - Understanding has never been fixed - therefore is not broken.
24.  Pain sufferers know treatment is not working - but continue in the same cycle. "WHY."
25.  “Why does the Heart Muscle like other muscles” NOT self repair?         
26.  The most likely diagnosis of this Baby's Skin concern - IS?   
27.   Pain if you have never had Pain like Mine you can never understand Pain?
28.   Peter Smith Talking Cures what did you Phd in?
29.   Genetic Structure and Genetic Diseases?
30.  Nuclear DNA from both Parents Mitochondrial DNA from the Mother.         
31.  The Emotional Profit is keeping illness intact.
32.   Does Consciousness really exist?   
33.   Are there really two types of Scientifically Proven Memory? 
34.   Dreams are they productive, destructive or even real. 
35.   Human Wisdom can only be unlearned.   
36.   Life’s Mistakes Habits and Addictions.  
37.  Where Science-Fiction Meets Reality. Turning The Human Mind Into Computer Data.  
38.  You are not your Mind...
39.  When People speak badly of others.    
40.  Can we should we change our Subconscious Mind.  
41.  Can we do we ever make mistakes and learn from them.  
42.  Do we really Grow old when interest in life is lost and we cease to Dream. 
43.  Ignorance is Bliss or Nature, Parents, Society are the cruellest of Teachers.   
44.   If Humans have Ancient Virus in our Brain is it really the root of Conscious Thought.
45.  Is it fair to say. "We think we really know ourselves well."
46.  Is there really a value in Space or Universe travel and is it achievable at all.
47.  Hello! From Tom Petty. Treading Water. Reflecting on my Untimely Death.
48.  When older You will understand. Now older I understand absolutely nothing.
49.  Human reaction to Physical and or Emotional Trauma.
50.  Rhythm of breathing affects Memory and Fear?
51.  Smoking Cessation - why is it so hard to achieve.
52.  Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.
53.  Accident Damaged Memory - really

54. Where does the thinking take place in the Brain?
55.  Neurofeedback saved her life
56.  Sophisticated Mind - Or just; we are only. "Human After All."
57.  Not my fault Guv.?
58.  “The World will Never be Enough.”
59.  Humans Emotional Faraday Cage.
60.  Humans are not in control of our Mind?
61.  Although The Human Brain act as brilliant machine. Does The Human Brain really forget things.
62. Dealing with Hypocritical or Psychotic activity.
63.  If the Central Nervous System does all the signal transformation what does the Peripheral Nervous System do?

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