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Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
Health, Wealth and Well being...

Modern Medicine is the Medicine of War. We need Medicine of Peace Time.

Courtesy of Dr. Mohammed Mohsin - Lahore Pakistan India

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If you are unable to accept the different understandings suggested by Talking Cures, all illness, Pain and Fatigue are a creation of the Mind/Brain caused by Childhood Trauma(s) altering the body chemicals and most seriously felt within the Body, then please consider this site, its educating format and contents are not for you.

If however you are able to accept the above then you have met the most important criteria to be eligible for and receptive to Talking Cures educating style process referred to as treatments and have a powerful desire to be well: of your: Mind, Body, Emotionally and Socially; even if the process is emotionally uncomfortable or even painful.

From this we can consider the excitement of what appears in history the very first time the Mind has truly been explored and understood as to how it works - as to its real objectives...

Using Talking, Cures. An educational process that sees the Mind and Body as one integrated and interdependent unit. thus must be given the tools techniques and Understanding demanded by illness.

Of course we must accept the protestation one may have regards the sterling efforts and contributions the numerous People who joined with Freud and created the psychological analytical techniques and indeed the very first Talking Cure.

One also has to consider - was there something wrong with the process or simply in the right place at the wrong time; as about that time. I believe the Medical Profession ordered or instructed a re-write of the factitious story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. In order to maintain is superiority of purposely not creating cures as they do not provide profit or the kudos offered by continuous study and new findings.

The proof of this to be found within the Mental Health industry - who collectively still have not one Scientific Study that has truly established the cause of: Simple Tiredness and Fatigue; let alone Inflammation, that still today destroys, so many lives.

The reason for this is clear if one can truly accept the activity of the Human Mind as not only the Storekeeper of ALL life's knowledge or information - even from conception and this information is in total control - As Our Master and on duty for every second of our life and of every life activity; we may feel we are in control of. Including Every decision we make for Good Bad or Indifferent and as a result instructs the Body to not only become ill, but remain ill despite our many dedicated practitioners efforts with the available medical science.

As it appeared to have been demonstrated by the story of Anna O. was this truly as successful as proclaimed for the time - if so why is it almost if not all Health care practitioners today uses some form of Symptom Management or instruct the Person to Self manage their ever changing symptoms.

Surely if we are to accept the Talking Cure - then it must be Pure and the desired outcome only by talking.

In order to achieve this it must surely be recognised.

The only Person with the integrity and Wisdom to bring about a cure of any symptoms that affect their daily life is the Person themself and the only secure way to achieve this is for a therapeutic application to ensure at all times - all symptoms; wherever resident with the body, were created by their Mind and thus only their Mind can instruct the Immunes Systems switched on by the Mind not to work properly to revert to the natural process of an immune activation in direct response to whatever intruder into a Mind or Body there is.         

Thus are able to Join with - as a partnership - and except Talking Cures main understanding.

“No it cannot be cured is not an option.”

Whilst at the same time recognising promises must not be made as to the outcome.

Talking Cures;

A unique and highly specialised talking and educating therapy that does not rely on talking through one's life and family history.

Is not an adaptation of any other therapy and does not rely on the Person after being educated into new understandings relating to their illness; achieving goals, forcibly making changes themselves or retraining Mind/body organs.

As the response and subsequent cure comes using the Body's own Immune System (S) from within the Person and not just as a result of Talking Cures educating intervention and is fully automatic.

Surely, if change is not automatic then change is not secure.

Talking Cures:

Is very effective as a Primary Care Therapy;

When illness is just beginning - tiredness, fatigue and unspecified ill health and while Medical investigations and tests are being carried out.

Never suggests any form of Dietary or other preparations as a way of  improving health.

Is a very effective as a Secondary Care Therapy. In conjunction with all other forms of therapeutic Application.

Or as a last option, where the outcome of well health to Mind or Body is not as desired.

Talking Cures respects and works alongside All known treatments.

This not to imply Talking Cures is a Magic Panacea nor is it an easy option as sometimes it can be an extremely painful and emotive experience.

However the Pain of illness is always more Painful and long lasting - to not only the Person who is ill, but also to the loved and concerned Person's around them, who always have no option but to watch their loved ones ill or in Pain. Thus they themselves suffer;  Emotionally as well as Financially, often albeit not easily recognised more than the Pain caused by Talking Cures treatments.

There is one situation, that could be considered a concern, not so much to Talking Cures, but to a sufferer of any symptom "a difficult to break belief. "The cause is not known and There is no Cure."

This belief can be so strong Talking Cures should be given the opportunity to allow the Person to recognise their illness is a process of their Mind and nothing to do with the Body by working on the secure understanding. "If a cause can be found we working as a team may well be able to create a cure."

"No" it cannot be cured are not words in Talking Cures Vocabulary. "Always Working towards a Cure and never looking for defeat" - Are included.

Find the cause as can Talking Cures thus Cure automatically materializes using the Persons own immune Systems as a given right not a Gift at Conception.

It can be of no value in the constant pursuit of understanding illness for a Therapy/Business or any Person not to comply with the law of the United Kingdom and as best as possible, the rest of the world.

If any visitor/reader or member of an Institution or Establishment feel there is room for improvement to further ensure legal compliance, please email and advise, your suggestions will be highly respected and incorporated as soon as possible.

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